Agendize Platform API

Accounts API Reference

The Accounts API empowers you to manage one account.

Resource representation

{ "id": {string}, "firstName": {string}, "lastName": {string}, "email": {string}, "userName": {string}, "ssoToken": {string}, "profileSettings": { "preferences": { "language": "fr" "timeZone": "Europe/Paris", "pdfExportSize": {string} } }, "picture": { "url": {string}, "mimeType": {string} } }
Parameter name Value Description Notes
id string Identifier of the account
userName string user name of the user account. The same value as the email address. Read-only writable only for insert
firstName string First name of the user account. writable
lastName string Last name of the user account. writable
email string Email address of the user account. Used as user name, it is not possible to change after account creation. writable only for insert
ssoToken string The SSO token to use to connect to API with the user account. Read-only
profileSettings object Profile settings of the user account. writable
profileSettings.preferences object Preferences of the user account. writable
profileSettings.preferences.timeZone string Time zone code of the user account. Possible values can be found here. writable
profileSettings.preferences.language string Spoken language of the user account. writable
profileSettings.preferences.pdfExportSize string Size format of the PDF export pages. writable
picture object User account picture url and mime type. writable
picture.url string Url of the user account picture.
picture.mimeType string Mime type of the user account picture file.


Return an account details.

Authentication is required to execute this request. Please refer to Authentication for more.


HTTP Request


Request body

Do not supply a request body with this method.


If successful, this method returns a Account resource in the response body.